Meeting the friends

14 Sep

So when is it right for your date to meet your friends?

Because tonight someone is meeting mine, but it’s only the 2nd time I’m meeting him. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem wrong even though its just a matter of days.

Basically I met this guy for a date on Wednesday and we got on really well. He said he wanted to see me again, so we’ve been texting and arranged to meet next Friday (I’m away with work and he works nights), but I’d also said I was in his part of town for a party tonight and asked if he knew the pub? Turns out its across the road from his house so he suggested popping over to see me before his shift started. My initial reaction was “great!”, he’s keen enough to see me a few days after our date, he doesn’t want to wait until next week and meeting my friends doesn’t daunt him… At no point did I wonder whether it was a bit much or too soon. I’m just feeling excited that someone isn’t playing any games.

I suppose it’s now just occurred to me that others might find it odd, and I’m wondering what you might think? Any feed back would be great!!


Little bit exciting…

5 Aug

So I met the new boy for our 4th date on Saturday.

Weirdly, he seemed a little nervous despite his excitement last week. After dinner the reason came out… He’d not been able to stop thinking about me since we’d 1st met and he realised he liked me a lot and was worried to rush things as all of this felt so right. He said he had been on 1 other 1st date after we’d 1st met, but she’d apparently not held much of a candle to me (smooth!). He admitted he wasn’t pursuing anyone else on the site, and it was only me. But he felt that there was some pressure on that night simply because of how well last week had gone, and he didn’t want any pressure on either of us.

But despite saying all this amazing stuff, he was physically acting very different to previous weeks so I was a bit confused. It seemed like the best thing to do was for me to go home as it was getting really late. As we were leaving we walked holding hands and we both seemed so sad… We’d had such a nice time, got on so well and he’d said such lovely things. I called for a cab and he waited with me… And finally thats when he kissed me properly and even more of the truth came out: he felt we had no privacy in the bar and had been really restraining himself as the last thing he wanted was for me to leave, even if nothing happened!

I cancelled the cab

And yes, I did go back, and something(s) did happen… And it was brilliant. I felt so comfortable around him. It scarily felt very right and natural, but we didn’t talk much about next steps. It’s a bit early for all of that.

I text him when I left and we had a few go to and fro last night, but no next date arranged as yet. So all in all, it’s a little bit exciting! If equally scary.

It’s all about timing…

21 Jul

So as you could tell from my tweets, Friday went well. Really well!

We had a few drinks, a lovely dinner and could barely stop laughing all evening. He was sweet, polite, interested and attentive. The only pause was just before he took my hand across the dinner table. Cute.

As we walked back towards the station he kissed me, and what a good kiss! The kind that knocks your socks off, and definitely makes you want more. Which he did, and I did too. But…

I think timing is key. We met on a dating site and we all know people have a tendency to keep their options open when dating this way, and I’ve decided that’s not for me any more. So I said that despite wanting to stay, it was too early for me and that I had to head home.

I like him. There is something about him that intrigues me and makes me want to know more. I really did want more to happen but while I know there is a chance he could be doing that with someone else too I won’t sleep with him. I know the way my mind works and I need everything to be open and honest, and most importantly I need to know that he wants to be with me for more than just 1 night, and that its only me.

He was lovely about me saying no, telling me he understood it was too soon and that there wasn’t a rush. When I text to say I’d gotten home, he said he wished I was still there and he was looking forward to seeing me soon. So I really hope I am right about him.

As yet, we haven’t arranged another date, but we did have a couple of messages yesterday so I’m just waiting to hear from him at the moment. When we do meet, I’ll explain all of this to him and then it’s his call.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling its wrong to meet with another date I’d arranged for this week before this all happened so I think I’m going to be equally honest with him and cancel… Honesty is the best policy after all.

Wish me luck!


8 Jul

So I have a 1st date tomorrow. What should I wear?


I. Need. Help!!!

Week 1

7 Jul

So within 1 week of joining Soulmates I’ve secured 2 dates with a 3rd potential.

I’m feeling optimistic about them, and still no pressure. It’s just a case of what will be; will be!

Happy days

Open and honest; finally

1 Jul

I’ve finally told him how I’ve felt, and asked him to give me some space.

I told him, I’ve struggled to walk away, that he’s always on my mind. And that I’ve always wondered “what if”?
But I told him I’d kept my guard up to protect myself and never told him how I felt, until he said he wanted more.
I said I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t give me just a few weeks to decide, and that he only wanted a warm body.
And finally I reiterated that I’d always queried whether we wanted the same things regardless of how I felt, and that all of this just proved what what I did, or evidentially didn’t, meant to him.

I don’t ever want to be just a number to him, so I guess this is my only option.

This is going to be hard…


1 Jul

Mug? Yep, that’s me!

I believed my friend wanted more between us, but now after digesting that for a few weeks and deciding what would be best to do, I’ve found out it wasn’t me that he wanted, but just someone. Anyone!

I bit the bullet yesterday, and asked him to meet for dinner to sort everything out, but he didn’t reply.
Odd, I thought.
So I text again today… Apparently he hadn’t seen my message… He’d been on a date with someone else. WTF!

It’s only been a few weeks since his revelation. I had to weigh it all up to decide whether I could take this on to another level again? Could I risk losing him as a friend?
Who knew I’d now lose him anyway? How can we be friends after this?

I just feel so stupid that it didn’t matter who any girl might be, just as long as there was a warm body. Such a mug to think I meant something to him, and to believe what he said.

We’ll I’ve told him how I feel so I guess that’s ended everything?